Guy Burns – Chief Wow Officer

Creating Loyal Customers, Happy Employees and High Profits!

Guy Burns, CSP

Guy Burns, CSP

Chief Wow Officer

As a Leadership and Employee Engagement Expert, Guy works with organizations that want to improve their bottom line while realizing less stress and having more fun. His presentations focus on creating Engaging Leaders and Passionate Employees. Employee Engagement and Company Culture are two sides of the same coin, a great Culture leads to Engaged Employees and Engaged Employees lead to a great Culture.

Being a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and a Certified Speaking Professional in the National Speakers Association, Guy is held to high standards of Ethics, Expertise, and Eloquence. He has helped organizations earn millions of dollars, in 10 Countries on 4 continents, by increasing sales and customer retention while reducing employee turnover.

Isn’t it time for your organization to have Engaged Employees and to create a Culture of Wow?

When you need a high-energy, dynamic presentation that will Invigorate, Inspire and Ignite your team, you need Guy Burns!


I didn’t pay enough for this class. Incredible amount of knowledge. I had no idea how much I didn’t know.
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Guy has spoken in the following countries:

United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Austria, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand.