You know all the PowerPoints do’s and don’ts:


Use large font
Images are important
Use as few words as possible per slide to make your point
Be consistent with color and font type

Don’t use white backgrounds, they are harsh and boring
Don’t use standard bullet points
Don’t use dark font on dark background or light on light
And most importantly, DON’T let PowerPoint steal the show


Yet most presenters still use slides that not only violate these rules but add to the stigma of Death By PowerPoint. I even had an RFP recently that stated in bold caps “NO POWERPOINT.”

So what’s a presenter to do?


The simple answer is to use fewer slides with higher impact, this away the attention stays on you and the audience receives a high-value presentation with solid anchors to help remember your message.

Like nearly every area of your business, you have two choices, invest years in learning to do something well or invest money in having it done for you while you build your business.


The video below gives just a few examples of how PowerPoint can be used to add value to your presentations without becoming distracting.


Update or create a slide deck of 12-14 slides – $2500

Price per slide reduced for larger decks.

Single slides on a per-bid basis.

One-to-One Coaching available for $250/hr.

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