Action-3How will it feel when the attendees thank you over and over again for making the event a huge success? When you book Guy Burns as your Keynote Speaker you will be off to a great start. After leaving the U.S. Navy, as a nuclear qualified electrician on submarines, in 1987 he worked progressively toward his goal of becoming a professional speaker.

Since founding Success And Beyond, LLC in 2003, Guy has spoken in front of tens of thousands of attendees, speaking over 100 times per year throughout the United States, England, Ireland, France, Austria, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Guy’s uses his experience in the navy as a metaphor for success, his presentations are dynamic, humorous and impactful!

Having been a business owner for over two decades, Guy understands what it takes to turn a work group into a team.  Imagine how it will feel when all of your people have similar goals and want to move the organization in the same direction.

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Just like military warfare changes, the corporate landscape is changing and so are workplace dynamics.

Are you ready to navigate your team to success? Do you know what
actions to take today that will allow you to grow and thrive and destroy your competition in the
future?  Guy’s Keynotes are sure to insight new ideas on how leaders can
take immediate action to increase team buy-in, foster adaptability and
strike inspiration through your organization. Are you ready to
meet the challenges of the future workplace?

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Speaking at PMI

Standard Keynotes, each will be customized for YOUR event!

Peak Performance comes from Passionate Players

In today’s competitive environment if you are not continually improving you are falling behind. If you keep doing what you have been doing you WON’T keep getting the same thing, you’ll get less!

Imagine achieving more while having less stress and more fun at work, when you have a passionate team that works together that is exactly what happens.

The main areas of focus are:
Present – Show up and keep your head in the game.
Positive – A great attitude overcomes many of our daily challenges.
Productive – The world pays for value, how you use your time determines your value.
Persistent – All the planning in the world doesn’t matter if your team isn’t accountable for executing well.

The presentation has been given in 10 countries, on 4 continents and will equip your team to do the following:
Improve customer satisfaction and retention
Increase employee job satisfaction and reduce turnover
Become accountable to each other and the organization
Develop trust between team members
Create a passion for excellence
Maintain a positive attitude in challenging situations

If you are looking to Invigorate, Inspire, and Ignite your team or audience this is the presentation you are looking for.

As with all on my presentations, I offer a money back guarantee if you don’t feel the presentation is not energetic and impactful.



A company’s leadership is its lifeblood. Imagine having a culture where employees want to come to work and are engaged while they are there. It all starts with leadership and not just leadership, but Engaging Leadership.

People move into leadership roles at different places in their careers and for different reasons. Each person brings with them different skills and abilities. As a person continues on their leadership journey they will engage team members in different ways. Understanding the different types of leadership positions and the skills required at each position will equip and empower current and future leaders to take your organization to new heights.

65% of employees stated that they would rather have a new supervisor than a pay raise…65%. People don’t quit companies, they quit managers. In exit interviews, the number one reason stated for an employee leaving is their immediate supervisor.

The fastest way to reduce stress and improve your bottom line is to improve your management team’s ability to inspire your employees to be more fully engaged.

This presentation will equip your leadership team to do the following:
Generate higher profits through increased productivity and reduced costs
Create a Culture of Accountability
Inspire cooperation and teamwork between individuals and departments
Lower Absenteeism to improve consistency of service
Reduce employee turnover by increasing job satisfaction

The presentation is designed for current and future Leaders and Managers, it is interactive, humorous, and actionable.

As with all my presentations, I offer I money-back guarantee if you feel the presentation was not engaging and the content impactful.





Guy has spoken in the following countries:

United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Austria, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand.