Team Training

Action-2-croppedIn today’s economic environment, it’s more important than ever for every team member to be engaged and achieve maximum performance.  Guy Burns will deliver training for your team that gets results.

Since founding Success And Beyond seminars in 2003 we have focused on three main areas of business training. Guy’s trainings are interactive, effective and fun. They can be delivered as half-day (4 Hour) or full-day (6 Hour) training sessions depending on your needs.


Employee Engagement & Company Culture:

Beware! At this moment someone is plotting to take your best customers.

You work hard to hire the right people and offer a valuable product or service, is there something you could add to create less stress, reduce expenses and increase profits? Employee Engagement and Company Culture might just be the answer.

Imagine a Culture where leaders respect employees, employees are accountable for results, and everyone understands that there is only one department…Customer Service. Grow your business through amazing Customer Service, because if you don’t take care of your customers, somebody else will.

Less than 20% of businesses intentionally create a culture. As a result, a culture forms that is divisive, disjointed, and destructive. If a garden is left to run wild, it will, the same is true with the culture of an organization.

In a Gallup survey of 1.4 million employees, 65% of employees stated that they would rather have a new manager than a pay raise. Many mid-level managers feel trapped in a culture that pits them against their team members. Productivity is low, and absenteeism and turnover are high, which increases frustration, disillusions customers and destroys profits.

Guy will Instruct, Inspire and Ignite your leaders and team members to work together to WOW each other and your customers. When Leaders and team members pull together, they can accomplish amazing things, when they pull against each other they can pull a company apart!


WOW Selling:

Your sales team has the products or services to beat the competition, maybe it’s just one little piece that’s missing. Often minor adjustments have massive payoffs, WOW Selling maybe the adjustment that your team needs.

Customers don’t care about us, they care about themselves. In survey after survey, Doctors and Nurses are often the most listed among the most trusted professions, “sales” is listed among the least trusted. That is bad news and good news.

Many sales people talk too much and listen too little. Most marketing material talks too much about us and not enough about our customers. A asks questions and really determines what is best for the patient before making recommendations if it works for them why not apply to sales?

The Wow Selling System changes everything about the way we offer our products and services. If we can change a potential customer’s perception of how we sell, we can set ourselves apart and crush the competition.

This interactive look at sales will make the audience laugh, think and most important act on the principles they learn. It has been tested on thousands of sales people on four continents with outstanding results.

Is it time for your sales people to become Doctors of Sales?


Presentation Skills:

Do you love giving presentations in front of peers and clients? Is everyone on your team as good of a presenter as they think they are?

Success often goes to the person who can articulate ideas and inspire others to action. According to the Book of Lists, the number one fear in the nation is public speaking… number two is death! While many people are not afraid of making presentations, the truth is, they are not as good as they think they are. In today’s competitive environment business is won and lost by the smallest of details.

Your ability to inspire team members and co-workers to buy into ideas and concepts can determine the difference between astounding success and mediocrity.

If it is important for you and your team members to make impactful presentations, doesn’t it make sense that giving them the tools to succeed is critical?

As co-author of the program, “Panic to Power when Making Presentations” Guy will help your team not only give more dynamic presentations but they will also enjoy themselves while they’re doing it.




Guy has spoken in the following countries:

United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Austria, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand.